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Dysk wd3200bevt problem

WD3200BEVT Dead Hard Drive (Clicking)

wd3200bevt-75zct2 320GB Western Digital 2.5" HDD
datarecoveryguy.com : We can recover that!
Vitor Junior : I´ve had a problem with a Seagate Hdd. Simple. I´ve put this hdd on a ziplock (sealed, please), and left it on a freezer, for about 2 hours. Then, i´ve got this one and quickly connected the sata and power cables on the mobo. The bios could read the information, and, using the HDD regenerator on a flash drive, booted to it. Then i´ve selected "Regenerate all sectors", and, voila'. It worked. Have a nice try.
vineetkaushik250 : what is clicking? i've got a wd3200bevt which i removed from my laptop...i need to recover data from it before i dismantle it...the laptop didn't work so can't use that ....any ideas?please reply

szymon matki : hehe, my is little older ;) 28.07.2008 ;) ihave that nosi only when i switch laptop off, but i search for new disk ;) 

Western Digital: WD5000BEVT Disassemble

Western Digital: WD5000BEVT Disassemble
Destroying this dead 2.5" 500 gig hard drive.

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J4TFOI : I didn't really understand it either back when an old boss would take apart hard drives for magnets.
But I suppose it is cool & fun to take apart.
ManuAG_86 : Sir, you made my day. God bless you!
JOSÉ PORTILLO : Alguien sabe en qué orden van los tornillos a la hora de armar el disco duro nuevamente.. ya que hay tornillos pernos largos u otros cortos
TheShellshock67 : I take them apart to destroy the platters, the magnets are outstanding fridge magnets And the rest I donate to the recyclers
Ertan Asan : Gosh! Your are a promising talent dude!!!




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